The Large Flat Roof (Simple Wooden Structure That Can Be Constructed by Unskilled Workers with Compressed Earth Block Walls)

Senegal 2020

Assuming that construction materials and techniques are extremely limited, the proposal for this vocational school is for a simple wooden truss that will allow for a typical 7-meter span in a local school classroom without the use of metal parts other than staples in the framing, in other words, only compression and no tension or shear occur at the joints.
To minimize the use of steel and iron for the beams, bamboo reinforced concrete is used for the beams, and compressed earth blocks are used for the walls to avoid the cost of purchasing concrete blocks and bricks. By using materials that are easily available in the local area and making details that do not require precision machining of the components, the structure can be constructed by non-specialists.
In terms of the floor plan, there is only one entrance and exit in consideration of security, and the courtyard around the existing tree is made as large as possible to create an open space inwardly. The classrooms, staff rooms, library, etc. are located as close as possible to the site boundary, and a wide covered corridor is built around the courtyard to create a circular flow plan.

In collaboration with Makoto Wada Architects