The Woods; or, the Tenuous Haze of Kurgi

Latvia 2020

Blending in with the spectacular the North Vidzeme Biosphere, the rarefied structure that seems to be part of the rich nature of Kurgi Farm and has no obvious outline, that is TENUEM we proposed.
The observation tower that this structure encompasses consists only of a spiral wooden staircase, an observation space on each floor, and an observation room on the top floor and an elevator leading to it, with only a thin cube-shaped steel frame clinging to it, which is minimal in construction.
The seemingly ephemeral and fragile structure retains a supple strength throughout, and its autonomous or spontaneous appearance is an existence between architecture and nature, or an artificial nature. It has become a symbol of the ecotourism that takes place in the region and the It will be a new landmark in the North Vidzeme Biosphere.

In collaboration with Makoto Wada Architects

Kurgi Observation Tower Competiton - Honorable Mention